Born of a Flemish mother and a French father, who is a double bass player at the Lille National Orchestra dircted by Jean-Claude CASADESUS, Florence LEON baths in the world of classical music from an early age, and starts studying piano at the age of 7.
Registered for the International School in Lille, she spends a part of this time studying in France, England, US and Belgium.

After studying graphic arts, photography, art history and piano, she starts to sing and play guitar in the streets of Lille. Then she creates the band “SOUL CITY” which counts among its members Didier CRESSON (the bass player for DEEP FOREST), and Jérémy JOUNIAUX (Lara FABIAN’s pianist). She records at the same time a "world music" single, singing in spanish and arabic.

At the age of 22, Florence decides to devote herself entirely to the study of piano and opera singing. After graduating from the conservatoire and having spent three years singing operette, she mooves to Brussels to continue her studies at the Conservatoire Royal Supérieur in Brussels. She's then hired by the Théâtre de la Monnaie (De Munt), collaborating with the director Robert WILSON , in the choir of Verdi’s Aïda.

Florence LËON begins then a career as a piano and singing teacher, sharing its courses between Paris and London.
She works at the same time in Brussels with Dan LIEFOOGHE, composer of VIEWS OF TAO. The singer reties then with the universe of Jazz and discovers electronic music. Their collaboration gives birth to a double album, in which Florence asserts herself as a singer, author and composer.

From year 2006 they will chain a series of concerts between Brussels, London and Paris, where Florence proposes to the Parisian public a varied program, interpreting on piano works of Bach, Chopin or still Debussy, ending with the directory of experimental electronic and ethnic music of VIEWS OF TAO.

Florence LËON affects a new project today on FRENCH SONG and collaborates with the producer FEILI on "SUNLIGHT" for the short film "CONVERSION 101", inspired by "1984" of Georges ORWELL.

In December 2008, Florence LËON is elected on votes of the public in the competition "WOMAN IN FILM, ART, MUSIC on myspace - 2008".

The videoclip "SUNLIGHT" also takes away the price of the public in the competition of "BEST POP-ROCK INDEPENDENT VIDEOCLIP" organized by FILMS7. COM. It will be also broadcasted during festivals and on few channels of the cable.