French-Belgian electro/trip-hop group served by lyrics and voice of Florence L╦ON and by the bassist-composer Dan LIEFOOGHE. The research of Dan Liefooghe bases essentially on the improvised music stemming from the jazz and the traditional musics. In a concern of current events and innovation, a research in electronic music is imperative and gives rise to the duet with the singer and author Florence L╦ON, initially involved in the Opera repertoire, but also fascinated by the ethnic cultures.
We find then in this album an alliance between the wealth of the western music and those of the oriental music (modal and pentatonic ranges, odd measures).
In this 1st entitled album FUCKIN' MADONE, L╦ON approaches themes such as the Woman and her sexuality. Raised to the rank of goddess, supreme Mother associated with the Earth, "Fuckin' Madone" -Expression evoking the alliance sacred/prophane- endowed with an infinite and inexhaustible love, confronts with the madness and the violence of men. Of a mother's view on the war (The Boy' n the Gun) in that of the mistress on a current alienating society (From the Shadow), the Woman also aims towards the disembodying (Pathetic Dream). Metempsychosis (Snake-Charmer), shamanism (Mystes, from greek "the initiated"), dreams and fantasizes (Pleasure). So many themes which give to this album a dark character where the notion of the Sacred prevails.

"Pathetic Dream" (from the album FUCKIN' MADONE) - in collaboration with the photographer Daniel NGUYEN.


Views of Tao thus proposes with this album a journey in a mesmerizing, at the same time experimental and ethnic sensual universe.